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1.Gaelic bodies in Australia

2.Scottish & Celtic bodies in Australia

3.Gaelic bodies in Scotland

4.Gaelic choirs throughout the world

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Gaelic Bodies in Australia

Comunn Gaidhlig Astrailia

The Scottish Gaelic Association of Australia, for learners and fluent Gaelic speakers. Check out their website for other Gaelic activities, and their annual Sgoil Gheamhraidh (Winter School) for Gaelic Learners and their regular conversational circle. Has an excellent links section which will direct you to a variety of sites.

Comunn Gaidhlig Bhioctoria

The Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria and home of the Victorian Scottish Gaelic Choir are our friends to the South. They also hold regular public ceilidhs and Gaelic language classes.

Scottish and Celtic Bodies in Australia

Australian Institute of Celtic Studies, Newcastle

The Celtic Council of Australia

Represents the six Celtic Nations and maintains their presence in Australia. A summary of their objectives are:

To support, in appropriate ways, efforts by tertiary educational institutions in research, training and study of Celtic culture, languages and history;

To lift the public profile of Celts in Australia;

To provide liaison and aid co-operation between Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Manx and Breton communities, and other bona fide Celtic communities and organisations;

To encourage and maintain a sense of pride in all Australian Celts of their Celtic heritage; objects

To arrange and promote Celtic gatherings;

To honour members of Celtic communities who have made a contribution to the Celtic cause;

To publish a Journal;

To support activities of a significant Celtic content;

The Australian Celtic Festical

The Australian Celtic Festival Takes place at Glen Innes, in the tablelands of northern New South Wales, in late April/early May each year. Mostly music performances and workshops, with food and arts and crafts vendors sourced from all the Celtic Nations, in a four-day  gathering centred on the Australian Standing Stones. More details from Glen Innes Tourism

Celtic Australia Day Festival - in Bradfield Park, Milson's Point (North Sydney) - NSW -

Contact: Gordon Connon - phone (02) 9968 1854; fax (02) 9969 3693;

Australian National Celtic Folk Festival

Australian National Celtic Fold Festival - at Portarlington - VIC, The National Celtic Festival,

Australia's largest and most diverse celebration of Celtic music and culture is held over the June long week-end, in beautiful Portarlington, on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria.

The Scottish Australian Heritage Council

Participates in Scottish activities in NSW and organises the annual Scottish Heritage Week and Grand Highland Ball in Sydney every year. Programs of events and activities can be found at the SAHC website. The SAHC welcomes membership by those interested in Australia's Scottish heritage.

The Sydney Society for Scottish History



Gaelic bodies in Scotland

An Comunn Gaidhealach

This is the primary Gaelic Association of Scotland, active in its advice to the Scottish Parliament and organiser of the Regional and the Royal National Mods each year. Their Head Office address is:

An Comunn Gaidhealach

109 Church Street



The Royal National Mod

The Royal National Mod is a festival of competition in the Gaelic performing arts. It was founded in the town of Oban in!892, to promote the continued use and teaching of Gaelic language and culture, and is now held annually in Scotland in October, with a reach and attraction that is growing  internationally.

Mod 2010 will be held once again in Thurso .

Save Gaelic

Save Gaelic is a portal site dedicated to networking the international Gaelic community, raising awareness of Gaelic and its endangered status, and promoting cross-organisational support. It houses international forums for Gaelic learners and speakers, and features the latest news on Gaelic world-wide.

Comunn Luchd-Ionnsachaidh (simply known as Cli)

Comunn Luchd-Ionnsachaidh is the Gaelic Learners' Association, based in Scotland. It offers news of interest to Gaelic learners, and a quarterly magazine, Cothrom, bi-lingual in Gaelic and English. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sabhal Mor Ostaig

Sabhal Mor Ostaig is the Gaelic College on Skye. Their website is a portal for sites for learners, and the College also offers residential and distance learning courses in Gaelic,


Akerbeltz is a website of resources for Scottish Gaelic, which includes an online dictionary of expressions and idioms, collections of traditional rhymes and riddles, useful notes on grammar and a Gaelic Yellow Pages project

Gaelic Choirs Throughout The World

An Comunn Gaidhealach have a more complete listing on their website. The following are some of the choirs we have had contact with throughout the years and who have a website..

Coisir Ghaidhlig Bhioctora - The Scottish Gaelic Choir of Victoria (Australia) Are our friends to the south in Melbourne. Check out their new site!! They hold regular public ceilidhs

and classes,

Coisir Ghaidhlig Bhancoubhair - Vancouver Gaelic Choir

For over a century, Vancouver, Canada has been a home to Gaelic singing, and Coisir Ghaidhlig Bhancoubhair maintains that tradition today. The Vancouver Gaelic Choir formed in the early 1980s with a small group keen to share their Gaelic heritage. Twenty years later, the choir includes people who are not native speakers, but who love the lilt of Scottish music and love to sing.

Edinburgh Saltire Gaelic Choir

This choir was created in 2000, by the amalgamation of two of Edinburgh's long established choirs; the Saltire Gaelic Choir and the Edinburgh Gaelic Choir.

Coisir Ghaidhlig Sgire Obar Pheallaidh - Aberfeldy & District Gaelic Choir

This is our “sister” choir, our first hosts in Scotland and our valued friends. They were host for the Royal National Mod in Perth in October 2004.

Coisir Lunnain - London Gaelic Choir

The London Gaelic Choir is the oldest functional Gaelic choir in the world. This is a very active group blessed in its membership with many ex-patriot Gaels, and fierce competitors at the mod.

Guth nan Eilean Scottish Gaelic Choir of Victoria, Canada

This is also known as the Voice of the Isles, the Scottish Gaelic Choir of Victoria, Canada

Coisir Ghaidhlig an Eilein Mhuilich, the Isle of Mull Gaelic Choir

the Isle of Mull Gaelic Choir was founded in 1978 and is still going strong

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